Legal Services

The Law Office provides complex legal services in the following fields of law, including representation in proceedings before courts and other administrative bodies:

transfer of ownership titles to real property (compilation of sale, donation or exchange agreements including a request for permission of a record of the ownership title in the Land Register, tax connotations, real property acquisition by foreigners)
apartment law (issues concerning the ownership of apartments or non-residential premises, construction contracts, compilation of building owner's declarations, founding apartment unit owners' associations, compilation of Articles thereof, preparing and holding meetings)
lease agreements (compilation of lease agreements for apartment or non-residential premises, notice etc.)
other obligations in relationships (e.g. contracts for work done, loan agreements, contracts of mandate, brokerage, trade representation, licence contracts etc.
proprietary rights (ownership rights, common property and settlement/cancellation thereof, communal property of a married couple and settlement thereof, right to build, liens, easements, retainage rights)
compilation of Power of Attorney
consumer contracts
liability for damage and unjust enrichment
Law of Inheritance
protection of Person, right of Privacy
Family Law (parental responsibility, regulation of contacts with minors, divorce including the settlement of property rights, maintenance and support)
Labour Law
rights in intellectual property (copyright, trademarks, domain name protection etc.)
legal assistance in all matters of commercial companies and cooperatives (including the establishment thereof)
housing cooperatives (member share transfers, compilation of Articles, preparing and holding meetings)
Commercial Register
unfair competition
enforcement and collection of receivables from business relations