Price of Legal Services

The Attorney’s fee for the provision of legal services is governed by the Decree of the Ministry of Justice no. 177/1996 Coll. as amended, on remuneration of lawyers and their reimbursement for provision of legal services (lawyer's tariff).

The fee might be either agreed between the Attorney and the Client (contractual fee) or governed by the provisions of the lawyer's tariff on the so-called non-contractual fee.

In the event of a contractual fee, the fee is most often arranged as a time rate (charged according to the quantity of hours of providing legal services) or a lump-sum (this is charged for the settlement of a specific matter or for a time unit - for instance a month, regardless of the time spent). As a new feature, it is possible to arrange a success fee (this is a share in the value or result of the matter) while observing certain professional rules.

Non-contractual fee is usually determined by the quantity of legal service acts performed by the Attorney in the matter. According to the lawyer’s tariff, for example the acceptance and preparation of legal representation, compilation of a contract or legal analysis of a matter, compilation of a petition or another court filing, compilation of an appeal, participation in a court hearing etcetera are considered acts of legal service. The rate per act of legal service is determined in the lawyer's tariff. The Attorney may reduce the tariff by up to 50 %.

Besides the fee, the Client is also charged cash expenses associated with the legal service provided (e.g. travel expenses, court and administrative fees and charges, costs of translation and expert opinions) and compensation for time spent (e.g. for acts performed in places which are not the Attorney's registered office or address, the time spent travelling there and back).

The Office guarantees that the Client will be offered the form of fee which is favourable to the Client. The Office always strives to consider the Client’s financial circumstances besides the time spent and demands of the matter. Before a matter is accepted, the Client is always informed of the expected scope of work and the total costs necessary on the Client's part.